Tweet of the week – Yaya did not have a happy birthday

Date: 21st May 2014 at 10:33 am
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Yaya ToureWell. They say footballers are sensitive creatures and despite looking somewhat formidable on the outside, it seems that Yaya Toure is rather soft on the inside.

The beast of a midfielder has made it very clear just how hurt his feelings have been by Manchester City – after the club failed to acknowledge his 31st birthday.

Yaya did not even have high demands – he noted that Roberto Carlos was handed a Bugatti by employers Anzhi, and all he received was a mere cake – not even a handshake.

Well sadly for Yaya, he received neither car nor physical contact and now is reportedly considering his future at the Etihad Stadium because of it – crazy we know.

The player’s agent made the shocking claims, which initially the goal scoring midfielder laughed off as a joke – then performed a U-turn, claiming over twitter (where else) that all the claims were true and Manchester City were ‘really sick’ for forgetting his birthday.

It seems the size of the cake is also an issue, with a 100kg cake being consumed after the league title was won. Clearly the cake Yaya received was simply not up to scratch.

Yaya also promised to release a full statement explaining everything after the World Cup – presumably not via twitter – and we cannot wait to read that.

Here are his tweets in full: ‘Thanks for all the birthday messages today. Card from City just arrived… Must have got lost in the post. Haha

‘Everything dimitry said is true . He speaks for me . I will give an interview after world cup to explain.’

Obviously now there are a fair few clubs and fans clocking on to this, and some of the virals going around the internet have been hilarious!

Is this all Yaya’s fault for being too spoilt? Is he trying to force a move? Let us know your thoughts below or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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