Will it be advantage Liverpool come close of play this weekend?

Date: 30th March 2014 at 1:09 pm
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Suarez and SturridgeDoes anyone actually want to win the title?

That is a valid question given Chelsea’s seeming inability to beat sides they should be hammering, and Manchester City’s draw against usual cannon fodder Arsenal.

Liverpool have their chance to step up and make their rival’s slip ups count against a very hit and miss Tottenham Hotspur side.

One paper, you would expect Liverpool to continue their excellent record at Anfield, and they now not only have their SAS on fire, but Steven Gerrard is seemingly doing what Frank Lampard cannot and leading his side to a title.

Luis Suarez has now managed to score 28 goals this season, and that is a staggering amount when you consider he does not even take penalties for Liverpool.

To put this into context, Ballon d’Or holder Crisitano Ronaldo has 28 goals for Real Madrid in the Liga, Lionel Messi has 23 and Europe’s most wanted man Diego Costa has 25 – and these include penalties, and lack a massive ban for biting a la Luis.

Even Kolo Toure is impressing (somewhat) for the Reds, and luck certainly seems to be on their side when it comes to that missing medal in Gerrard’s collection and a first Premier League title. Their destiny is in their own hands, with Chelsea and Manchester City to visit Anfield, and to put it simply, if Brendan Rodger’s men win all their games, they will be league champions.

The same can be said for City. Chelsea meanwhile have been ruled out of the title race by their manager. The Blues will no doubt manage to win in Paris and indeed at Anfield at the end of April, but draw to the likes of Stoke and Swansea beforehand, leaving their record against their title rivals redundant.

Jose Mourinho will also tell anyone who is willing to listen – and even those who are not – that his side also have the Champions League to worry about, whereas Liverpool have spent the season having six days to prepare for each game. True, but City did not until recently.

The difference is simple and Jose knows it. He even said it albeit without knowing he was being recorded – nicely done Canal Plus, who now face a Fergie type ban from Mourinho,  which is only going to hurt them given they are the French broadcasters covering the PSG tie against the Blues. Chelsea do not have a forward who can score week in week out.

Yes, Samuel Eto’o scores in the big games, but against sides like West Brom, he is nowhere to be seen. The SAS meanwhile fire no matter who they are facing. Likewise City have four world class forwards. Chelsea have zero. In fact after Torres’ performance at times, they have minus one.

It is feasible to see the season ending with Chelsea in third, having done the double over both City and Liverpool, but failing to finish above either. Why? They cannot beat the ‘lesser sides.’ City meanwhile have had away day Blues and cannot slip up at Anfield in April. Liverpool have it all in their hands and both rivals to play at home.

Advantage Liverpool? If they manage to beat Spurs, it could well be.

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