Well done United, you look even stupider and pushed RVP closer to the door

Date: 20th February 2014 at 12:11 am
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Screen-Shot-2013-12-07-at-9_58_37-PMIt is hard to think of how Manchester United could have possibly made their season any worse – or looked any more inept at decision making.

The club have already made a cock up of two major decisions this season – installing their ‘Chosen One’ in David Moyes, and allowing Ed Woodward to take control of the board and basically destroy all the good work done by his predecessor David Gill.

Failed transfers, impostors at negotiations and a clear panic buy in Marouane Fellaini is sadly only the half of it.

Things on the field have not exactly gone to plan either and far from defending their title, the club are now preparing to clear their schedules on a Thursday night next season. On the bright side, at least they will be number one in the eyes of ITV 4.

So, how can they have made things worse? Well this time it is down to the club’s official website, who have published a shortlist of five players who could replace outgoing skipper Nemanja Vidic.

There is one problem however. There is a glaring omission, and it comes in the form of one of their star players.

Apparently, according to the official website, Robin van Persie is not ‘captain material,’ which is slightly strange given he fills that role for the Dutch national side and was of course captain Vantastic in his final season at Arsenal.

You would think that a player who the club need so badly but who is so clearly unsettled could well be boosted by even making such a prestigious shortlist – which FYI, David De Gea made.

Yes, you read that right. The doughnut stealing Spaniard, who a couple of seasons ago did not even look like he had the skills let alone the mentality to fill the space between the posts at the club.

Fair enough, Wayne Rooney may well become the eventual choice, and it would be a good one, especially if the England international committed the rest of his career to the club, but to claim that the calamity that is Phil Jones / Jonny Evans (use whichever suits), or the just back from a very long term layoff Darren Fletcher are more qualified than RVP? Utter madness. Then again, that seems to be the way of life under David Moyes.

Perhaps instead of claiming RVP did not have the necessary attributes to be a leader, the website should have just called a spade a spade and written ‘is likely to follow Vidic off the sinking ship, therefore is not in contention.’

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2 thoughts on “Well done United, you look even stupider and pushed RVP closer to the door

  • the ref
    10 years ago

    The ship is sinking…….

    • Ricco Sobers
      10 years ago

      Indeed it is!


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