Tweet of the week – Ollie has been a naughty boy!

Date: 18th February 2014 at 11:51 pm
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4338163The least shocking news since Jose Mourinho started to stir things up in the press room again has reached our ears here at La Footyette headquarters, and it has become our tweet of the week as well!

Arsenal forward Olivier Giroud has been rather a naughty boy, and was captured on camera in his boxers to boot the night before the game against Crystal Palace, meaning he had little option but to come clean, and offer an apology to both his club and his wife.

As one of our footyettes notes, the last time we had an apology from an Arsenal player was after Mesut Ozil got shouted at by  Per Mertesacker, and we think that Giroud’s wife will have beaten that episode ten fold!

Giroud tried to grovel for forgiveness through his account @_OlivierGiroud_, tweeting:

“I apologise to my wife, family and friends and my manager, team-mates and  Arsenal fans,” tweeted the France international.

“I now have to fight for my family and for my club and obtain their  forgiveness. Nothing else matters at the moment.”

Would you forgive the love rat? Let us know your thoughts or tweet us @LaFootyettes.

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