Branislav Ivanovic breaks City’s record and gets us hot under the collar too

Date: 4th February 2014 at 5:19 pm
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Here at La Footyette headquarters, we are struggling to actually take stock of Chelsea’s win against Manchester City last night, and it is all because of their right back.

Branislav Ivanovic may have scored the winning goal in the historic win at the Etihad stadium, but that is not what is diverting our attentions.

We are more concerned with the picture we have found of the defender, who seems to be doing a rather good job of being shirtless – and it is to the delight of our regulars here at headquarters.

Chelsea of course went to the Etihad and managed not only to keep City from scoring a goal, but also netted one themselves, and it was not too shabby if we say so ourselves.

Their right back managed to get forward and be the star of the night, defending at the back and netting the one vital goal up top to boot.

Our regular footyettes note that Iva is no stranger to a goal or two, and in the Champions League, he has popped up on more than one occasion against Liverpool especially.

Liverpool, City or Chelsea, we are sure you will enjoy this picture of the Serbian International – you would have to be blind not to!

iva shirtless

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