The League Cup – Romance or the big boys?

Date: 5th January 2014 at 5:28 pm
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league cupAs we head towards February and the League Cup Final, the memories of a previous final fill me with warm memories.

The trip to Wembley to watch Birmingham City lift the famous three handled trophy in 2011 was, without doubt, the best day of my life (football wise), and one I, as well as thousands of other Bluenoses, will never forget.

Was it worth the relegation at the end of the season? Of course it was!

We got to experience the delight, and to cry our tears of joy as our boys lifted the League Cup draped in blue and white, under the glare of the mighty Arsenal who had turned up to collect their first trophy in six years – so the media claimed.  And, as a result if this great win, we got to partake in a European tour the following season.

The League Cup is usually won by one of the big boys, who travel to Wembley on a regular basis and expect to win.  However, everybody loves an upset and all fans love the rise of the underdog – the team not expected to get anything from the game.

I know from my trip to Wembley that the romance of the cup is still very much alive and kicking.

When we beat the red hot favourites Arsenal, it gave the other clubs – outside of the big six, the incentive to go out and achieve what Birmingham City did.  And sure enough, Swansea City won the cup in 2013.

In the last ten years the only teams outside of the big six to win the League Cup are – Middlesbrough (2004), Birmingham City (2011) and holders Swansea City (2013).

So, will this year be another upset or, as expected, one of the big Manchester clubs?  This also poses the question whether fans want to see a team who have never won the trophy, contest the final, or a Manchester derby?  Romance and excitement or the usual suspects?

Sunderland, who knocked out Chelsea in the last round in extra time, have never won the trophy, neither have West Ham, who despatched Tottenham in the last round after coming from behind.

On the other side of the coin, there have only been four real derby games in League Cup finals.  Birmingham City v Aston Villa (3-1) in 1962, Liverpool v Everton (1-0 after a replay) in 1984, Chelsea v Arsenal (2-1) in 2007 and Tottenham v Chelsea (2-1) in 2008.

Derby games always bring about passion and excitement amongst the fans and, more often than not, amongst the players.

So, as the semi finals loom, Manchester United v Sunderland and Manchester City v West Ham United, who do you want to contest the final in February?  And which team would you like to see lift the famous trophy?  The underdog? Or one of the big boys?

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2 thoughts on “The League Cup – Romance or the big boys?

  • the ref
    10 years ago

    City to win it at a canter…..who else????

  • stegga
    10 years ago

    Come on you hammers


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