The Blue Moon is rising – and it will take soome stopping

Date: 26th December 2013 at 9:07 pm
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cityThey are about as unbeatable at home as you can get.

They also have four world class forwards, some pretty decent midfielders and a world class centre back. In fact, they look odds on to win the Premier League title this season.

Who are we talking about?

Well the world class forwards rules Chelsea out, the decent midfielders gets rid of Manchester United, the world class centre back removes Liverpool and the winning trophies pretty much tells you we are not talking about the red half of North London.

It is Manchester City of course, who have just recorded yet another home win, this time a massive one over title rivals Liverpool to really show their title credentials. As if demolishing Arsenal did not display them enough. Now they are as vivid as the boots the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo chose to sport.

Many have made the remark that the team who finish above City this season will be the ones who go on to domestic glory, and those people are looking increasingly correct.

Yes, the club have their away day blues and have perhaps not been as convincing as a side who have their talent and money should have been.

Problems with goalkeeper Joe Hart have not helped, nor has the fact that this has been one of the most unpredictable seasons to ever grace the Barclays Premier League since its conception in 1992.

Anyone can beat anyone, and the bottom of the table is as close as the top. That clearly lends itself to a huge amount of unpredictability and even Jose Mourinho’s special eggs have not escaped unscathed.

Local rivals Manchester United have had a torrid time of it, and are only just starting to put together a string of results to get them close to the top four. That is mainly down to the teams they have played in recent weeks – Aston Villa and Hull – who should be little more than cannon fodder for the Champions but even then, David Moyes’ men have made hard work of it.

Tottenham Hotspur have gone from big spenders, to title contenders to sacking their manager and installing a man who may bleed the colours of the club, but does not have a proven track record at the helm of one.

Liverpool and Everton have defied expectations, with the latter taking huge advantage of the loan system and the new life manager Roberto Martinez has breathed into them. Liverpool meanwhile have performed better than even the Kop faithful would have expected, with Luis Saurez staking his claim for player of the year by the turn of it.

Arsenal may have gotten off to a flyer, that blip against a Christian Benteke central Aston Villa aside, but won’t keep it up – and anyone who disagrees has failed to consider the fact that they have once again failed to beat Manchester United, City or Chelsea. Top four yes, dusting off that title cabinet? No.

Chelsea’s eggs have not hatched, and despite actually having a fairly experienced squad, Mourinho has pointed to the young stars and their need to develop as the issue. Along with their forwards. They are the opposite of Ronseal. They do not do what it says on the tin. In fact, Eto’o and co are so bad at times they could be arrested for false advertising when calling themselves strikers.

When you add this to the fact they tend to let in sloppy goals at the back to boot, you quickly get the picture that Jose 2.0 has not gone as well as expected and there is plenty of work to be done.

Or as Mourinho will expect, money to be spend. So pack your bags Ramadel, get the chequebook out Roman, if Chelsea want to win the title or build a dynasty, those FFP rules will need to be stretched once again.

What does all of this mean? Well the long and short of it is that strength and depth wise, City have the best squad in the league. They score down one end and when Kompany is fit, they keep them out the other end to boot. All in all a pretty good forecast going into the New Year for the Citizens.

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