Expectation, not resignation is the name of the game at the Calderon these days

Date: 1st December 2013 at 4:29 pm
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Being described as one of the best managers in Europe, Diego Simeone has had a sensational start to the season with Atletico Madrid, attaining success in both La Liga and UEFA Champions League that leaves people asking just how far his side can go this season.

A quality manager yes, but to be ranked with the likes Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, Alex  Ferguson and Vicente Del  Bosque, the Argentinian has to make his own history. He is trying to do this by sculpting the club to reflect his own vision of success.

Since his appointment in 2011, Atleti actually have improved dramatically.

They have won trophies and caused an actual threat in the Liga, dragging the team from a zero to hero status in a matter of seasons and winning the Europa Leauge, UEFA Supercup and Copa Del Rey along the way.

The former player turned coach is heading a revolution with his team Atletico Madrid, with Los Rojiblancos well on the way to the UCL knockout stages and having won twelve out of fourteen games in the league – having a 100% home record in doing so.

So far, El Cholo surprised Jose Mourihno’s Real Madrid in the final of last season’s Copa Del Rey, beating them to the trophy and giving them a hell of a run in the league.

El Cholo has made Atleti into a true threatening team, and fans whom were once resigned to being the second best side in Madrid are now beginning to hope for more than just a top four place each season.

Impressive as his trophy collection currently stands, it is arguably not as impressive as the fact Simeone has literally rebuilt the Spanish side to his own personal style.

The Ex- Atletico player personally had an aggressive way of playing, and it is clear to see in the style of play from his current club. He also demands serious results and perhaps his biggest achievement of all has been changing the mentality of the fans and players alike into a winning one.

Expectation, not resignation is the name of the game at the Calderon these days.

With the likes of Koke, David Villa and Diego Costa it comes as no surprise that Simeone is making the team tough, especially after winning an astonishing 7-0 win over Getafe and achieving domestic trophies that hadn’t been won since 1996.

As mentioned in a previous article, Atleti may not have the power to disrupt the duopoly of the two major players in La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona, but Simeone is prepared to give it a huge shot. The club are second this season and are by no means out of the title race.

He may be a young and an inexperienced coach, but he has reached great heights with Atleti and with secured wins under his belt, the two giants are slowly becoming three with Diego Costa emerging as an impressive scorer and Diego Simeone being a very adept coach.

Diego Simeone has not only increased the height of the team’s success, but increased hope for the fans as well as the club to believe that they can, once again, be a great and powerful team. Time will only tell what the future lies for Atletico Madrid but with Diego Simeone leading the way it is sure to be bright.

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