Tweet of the week – No Ibra but Welbeck doesn’t sit well for some!

Date: 17th November 2013 at 8:58 pm
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ronaldo-ibrahomivi_2733064bHere at Footyette headquarters, there was a combination of both laughter and despair when we read the tweet of the week.

It comes courtesy of @FootballFanCast, who made an observation about the World Cup playoff game involving Portugal and Sweden.

The first leg of the game was played on Friday night, with Portugal and their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo getting the only goal to give the home side an edge going into the second leg.

More to the point, the playoff game obviously means that one of Zlatan Ibrahimovich or Ronaldo will be missing out on the World Cup in Brazil.

Clearly a travesty by anyone’s standard. Both players are right at the peak of their careers right now, and should be playing on the greatest stage of all.

It is made even worse by the fact, duly pointed out by Football Fancast, that Donkey, sorry Danny Welbeck will be on display this summer.

Whilst we leave you with that sobering thought, here is the tweet in full.


‘Feel like crying when I realise the World Cup will miss out on either Ronaldo and Ibrahimovich,

but quite probably showcase Danny Welbeck’

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2 thoughts on “Tweet of the week – No Ibra but Welbeck doesn’t sit well for some!

  • the ref
    11 years ago

    Ibra was crap on Friday anyway.

  • RobFerrari
    11 years ago

    Ibra’s comment of not bothering to watch the World Cup as he isn’t in it was vintage.


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