Top Five things Manchester United fans need to note

Date: 9th October 2013 at 1:47 pm
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The boy is a huge prospectThere is no denying that the start from Manchester United has been a bit of a shock to the Old Trafford faithful. They may have expected a little bit of a dip having lost manager Sir Alex Ferguson, but to be pushing for the top half of the table is not what they wanted or expected.

Sitting ninth in the league is not the defence of the title they had envisioned – and no matter how many times they note that the club get better and stronger after Christmas, it could well be the case that they are too far behind the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City to even contest the league by then.

Sides are stronger than ever – and even the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal have gotten off to flyers. This has of course made it even more difficult for the club, and they are certainly struggling.

There have been some bright points for the club – and that cannot be forgotten by the fans. With that in mind, we sat down at the Footyette headquarters to make a list of five things Manchester United fans should take from their start to the season.

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Learn from, but do not dwell on the poor start

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One thought on “Top Five things Manchester United fans need to note

  • the ref
    11 years ago

    Sorry to say but another title with current squad is a pipedream . Smalling is okay but is
    never going to get near the standard Rio regularly produced. Agreed Young is awful, Nani should do better…. why not give Zaha more time, a flair player who with opportunities would excel
    4th place at the end of the season ? UTD supporters with a brain should take it NOW!!!


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