Tweet of the week – Arsenal provide priceless moment

Date: 1st September 2013 at 11:19 pm
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wengerTo say there was a standout winner for our ‘tweet of the week’ is kind of like saying Bayern Munich slightly embarrassed Barcelona when they beat them 7-0 on aggregate. The stand out winner, the crème of the crop, the tweet worth more than Bale himself this week comes courtesy of @FourFourTom who had us rolling around in stitches at La Footyette headquarters.

After the North London derby, our wittiest tweeter by far made his thoughts on the result quite clear- and thank goodness he did. Any time we get Monday morning blues, all we have to do is look at this once again and laughter once more resumes.

On seeing Arsenal beat bitter rivals Spurs, @FourFourTom quipped:

‘Lamela: £30mil, Soldado: £26mil, Paulinho: £17mil, Capoue: £9mil. The moment Arsenal beat Spurs without spending a penny: priceless.’

What was, quite understandably the sentiments of most Gooners, and indeed football fans after the 1-0 victory, courtesy of Olivier Giroud, was summed up perfectly in our tweet of the week. @FourFourTom, we salute you.

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