Tweet of the week – Arsenal fans take it a bit too far?

Date: 9th September 2013 at 11:59 pm
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Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid to Arsenal, £42.5 millionThere was some pretty tough competition this week when we at La Footyette headquarters were making the decision on exactly who we thought should win tweet of the week. There were of course the obligatory comments about transfer deadline day and some rather less than pleasant comments about Manchester United (and their lack of signings) but once we stumbled upon the tweet by @GeniusFootball, we knew we had found our star of the week.

Arsenal fans have been the talk of pubs, offices and grounds this week and it has been no different with the Gunners fans here. They seem to think that all their well documented issues have been solved with the acquisition of Mesut Ozil – and that the player will end their trophy drought which seems to have lasted longer than Fergie time used to. When any player joins a club fans talk up their arrival – yet Ozil has managed to produce more hysteria than most – and this tweet pretty much sums it up, so congratulations @GeniusFootball, we at La Footyette headquarters love your tweet that quipped:

Arsenal fans now a days:

Q. Best player in PL?

 A. Ozil

Q. Best in Germany?

 A. Ozil

Q. President of USA?

 A. Ozil


 A. Ozil”

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