Top Five signings of the summer

Date: 4th September 2013 at 10:37 pm
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Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid to Arsenal, £42.5 millionWell, well well, after a dramatic last day with records being broke left, right and centre this truly was a transfer window to remember. A colossus sum of £630million, which could have been even more if the panic buying, red half of Manchester (and their impostors) had got their way, with money being spent on a vast number of players from all corners of the globe. Every club bar Newcastle (well done Mr Kinnear – using that speed dial well we see) contributed to that total with a varying degree of quality being bought to hopefully improve the ability and prospects of each team.

Despite there being staggering sums of money spent, this does not automatically mean an immediate improvement to the side, as big spending Tottenham recently found out against, until recently, shy spending Arsenal. Furthermore, some sides such as Crystal Palace and Sunderland have gone for spending less and acquiring players for on free transfers, loans or smaller fees – or to put it another way quantity over quality.

However, the question after every window that people seem to want answering and is constantly debated is – who has made the best signing? It would be easy to just purely list the top five most expensive signings as they obviously should be the best the players (hear that Fernando – should). As a result the list below has been carefully considered and takes into account all aspects surrounding a transfer; including money spent, potential, future impact on the club and many more.

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Jesus Navas - Sevilla to Manchester City, £22 million

 There are of course plenty more players who could feature on the list, including the likes of Christian Eriksen, Curtis Davies, Victor Moses and Wilfred Zaha.

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One thought on “Top Five signings of the summer

  • the ref
    11 years ago

    Good article, agree wholeheartedly about Ozil, cant wait to see him perform in the Prem.
    Caulker v Dawson what was Levy doing here ? Dawson is a mistake a game C.B. and rash under pressure.

    Redmond and Navas are both players to get a crowd on the edge of its seats.. they can do the something different which you talk about in the pub.

    Lukaku is a beast of a No 9 Goodison will love him.


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