Top Five players to go down the pub with

Date: 15th September 2013 at 11:32 pm
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Jimmy BullardAfter watching countless games of football and seeing some truly great players grace the field with skill, imagination, tough tackling and sometimes bouts of extreme madness – it always got me thinking, what some of these players would be like on a night on the town. We have all read newspaper stories and fantastical tales of footballers doing unbelievable things on nights out. Now don’t get me wrong I love my friends, I really do, but be honest there is always one in every group that you just wish you could change for somebody else, with more often or not this being a footballer.

Consequently, rather than debate the old chestnut of ‘who’s the best footballer in the world?’ let your imagination run wild and consider which you would most like to go down the pub with. Be it to have a quiet drink, with deep philosophical undertones – or just to simply drink yourself into oblivion with. In my humble opinion, here are the top five footballers to go down the pub with – and all for a different reason.

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Duncan Ferguson

 There you have it! I can guarantee that these five names have never and will never be all spoke of in the same breath again. But what a night it would be!

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  • The ref
    11 years ago

    A very enjoyable read Josie……. what about taking Gareth Bale….. he could pay for all the drinks and drive you home as he doesn’t like alcohol.


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