Tweet of the Week – BT Sport fails to impress

Date: 25th August 2013 at 3:30 pm
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tweet of the weekBT Sport may boast of having some of the top picks in the Premier League for the first time in the history of the top flight, but it is failing to impress rather a lot of people.

Not only are their cameras at Premier League grounds restricting the views of some supporters – mainly those at Craven Cottage who may as well have the real Ronaldo stood in front of them, but they are also lagging behind Sky Sports in their coverage too.

Whilst we are in no way suggesting they are as bad as ITV – who as we all know like to miss goals and cut Jose Mourinho off just as he is about to announce his return to Chelsea, they are not comparable to Jeff Stelling et al – yet.

Never has social media been more vital in promoting and reviewing something – and BT Sport are rather humorously attracting some less than positive comments. Here in the Footyette headquarters, it was the quip by @DanielTBlazer we agreed with so much it became our tweet of the week.

Our new favourite tweeter noted:

‘BT Sport is close to joining a list that includes: peas, lateness and Clarke Carlisle.

 I don’t like peas, lateness and Clarke Carlisle.’

Well @DanielTBlazer, not only do you have the honour of becoming our ‘tweet of the week’ but you also have our agreement. One more bad performance from Jake Humphrey et al and we would even replace peas with sprouts. No one likes a sprout.

One thought on “Tweet of the Week – BT Sport fails to impress

  • the ref
    11 years ago

    Early days but a lot of improvements are needed Defo


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